Valentine in world verses Valentine in palestine

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  1. Dear Brothers in Islam,

    We as MUSLIMS have drifted away from the miracle the HOLY QURAN.
    valentines day or any other such occasion generates more interest in us then the Juma prayers, this is the weakening of Iman.
    The slaughter on innocent muslim women & children by the zionist around the world does not effect us. The disintegration of faith and the commercialization of practically every spear of our lifes is making us hollow and shameless. I pray to Allah All Mighty to give us Iman and the strength to stand against all those who are an enemy to us and our Deen.
    Shahid Qureshi.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brothers & Sisters in Islam

    Plz do follow strictly Quran, Sunnah & Hadith...
    Dont follow the non-muslim culture...
    Cursed of Allah will be on them, do u prefer this material world instead of Akhirath...
    plz be serious about Islam

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