Islamic Timeline Cover Photo for Facebook

Islamic Timeline Cover Photo for Facebook 

Use You Facebook Cover for Dawah 

Allah Akbar Timeline cover

Im Muslim  Timeline cover

I Love Islam Timeline cover
Download More Covers from

Like Our Wallpaper Website.... We have Only the Best and Beautiful Covers...

Its Designed in the way that the more covers muslim will use,It will help us in Dawah....In Spreading the Message of Islam.

4 Responses so far.

  1. ICP says:

    If you are 'stealing' other's graphics/work (and adding your name to images' for 'Dawah purpose' then why you have created 'Ad' boxes.

  2. ICP says:

    And you are using 'deen' for this purpose. You are stealing other's effort and adding 'your site' name to images. May Allah guide you. Even if you are doing it for dawah purpose, I won't like someone to 'add' their name to my work. Please Stop it! for the sake of Allah!

  3. Kindly Note,there is no my name in any image...i never declared i designed it my self.

    before leaving such must read

    Why the Add Boxes...

    Add Boxes was created to put adds on this website after 3 years.. it was due to we were loosing our islamic site domain name.with thousand MB of files.....i asked for help from muslims brothers and sisters...lots of them promissed but very few give support.

    every year i ask help from them... it makes me feel bad.

    then somebody suggested me to put adds,so that i can get money and use that money for running 4 islam related blogs..

    when i submitted this site for verification....every criteria was full filled yet they rejected Just becoz Its Islamic Wallpapers site...

    so What wrong i did ? i already spend daily lots of hrs.i stopd doing extra work and spending time in dawah.

    when ask muslims for help then no one comes... then what is wrong in placing adds...?

    alone this site give 2 lakh per month impression and my main site give 5 crore impression per month... but they rejected becoz its Islamic..

    and know that WHEN YOU ARE POSTING ANYTHING ON INTERNET THEN ITS PUBLICLY OPEN. people use it .. this is the freedom of internet....for this freedom there was blackout of websites on internet for one day last year.

    and at no place i declared i designed ur image...

    generally webmaster post the same site name in image ,from its avaiable for download...

    am i stupid that i mostly add


  4. Kindly give the name of images...i will remove it... if you don't want us to use ur image in dawah..

    thank you!

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