being lonely because of Allah

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  1. Yolanda says:

    This is true!Sometimes being alone with Allah is what you need to get prepared for the blessing of a spouse.I can tell you for all the wrong reasons I selected a spouse in marriage and dating.I was not patient neither did I consult Allah on leading me.It was all strictly WORDLY.All sound judgements are altered and the will of Allah went unpracticed which in the end caused me alot of heartache and pain.When I say alot I do mean alot.Its like it was just another piece to a puzzle I was trying to make fit.I am a believer in Islam and Allah and it is not to be compromised for those who dont really understand their role.I am not perfect but because of my mistakes they will give me the knowledge of not repeating myself.Please my brothers and sisters take your time and be patient in Allah.God willing everything will be even greater than you expected it to be.

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