Pearl of Islam - Muslim women

My dear sisters in Islam, 
Prove yourself wrong and be amongst the righteous women of Islaam. 
Dedicate yourself to obey the commands of your Lord, and His Messenger (sallahuàlayhi wa sallam) and realize that there is NO pleasure in other than which pleases your Creator.

O Muslimah! Fear Your Lord!
Give charity and repent before its too Late!
Wear ur hijab – preserve your modesty – say NO to envy and backbiting!

Be a practicing and exemplary muslimah for u are the PEARL OF ISLAM!!

May Allah bless u all..

slave of Allah!

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  1. shaista says:

    assalamlekum........i too wear niqab...i feel dat iam being protected by allah.....i respect those who wear niqab...n i feel proud too dat iam a muslim....i request muslim women to wear niqab......
    dua mae yaad rakhiye..

  2. Anonymous says:

    it is my humble rquest sisters,wear niqaab and protect your modesty...because we have to answer our lord in the hereafter...also the hottness of the hell fire will be 70 times than the plaese wake up now itself..inshaallah allah the creator of all worlds and heaven will guide us in the good path...ameen..

  3. Anonymous says:

    barakallah feekum..

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