Why Muslim Womens wear Niqab/Hijab ?????


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  1. Emily says:

    Poor things, giving up harmless enjoyment in pursuit of a mirage. There's no harm or shame in our skin and our body . . . and there's no hell. :)

  2. Instead of forcing women to wear the Niqabi or Burka in order to protect men from their urges (because of course women are responsible for male urges) men should wear a blind fold.

    As funny as this cartoon is, I understand that it is a real belief of anyone stupid enough to believe that a woman must wear a full veil.

  3. Anonymous says:

    err, hell is not real.

    and which hell story are you on about anyways.

    Arab bother/ sister awake!!!

    the universe is awe inspiring and beautiful enough without believing in fairy stories.

  4. siraj says:

    Assalamu alaikum(WRWB) to all

    Recently I started to wear burha. Many people asked me the same question like the one in this picture. Eventhough I know the reason, I was stumbled to answer the question. This cartoon is most worthy to answer.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Assalam Alaykum

    @ Emily its not in pursue of marriage its for the love of Allah the almighty. For those who cover with the intention to please another human and not god, their wasting their time.

    @ Jake the purpose of the hijab first of all is for God! He ordered to cover so we covered. It is not because women are responsible for male urges, because god orders men to lower their gaze likewise for women. Also men are ordered to cover as well from their navel to their knees.But if women dress puposely to be desired in such a way by someone that is not her husband ofcourse its sinning. Like wise for males who trot around exposing their gym junkie chest pursing female flattery.

    In islam women are seen as diamonds and pearls, the most beautiful creation is the sincere muslim women. This common metaphor brings up the question : would you place diamonds and pearls on the street where anyone unworthy of such a beauty can abuse such a creation or would you keep them safe and protected?

    Also as women wouldn't you love to be liberated from sexualisation and be soely judged by your personality and skills?

  6. Anonymous says:

    and people just becuz..u dont believe or know abt something doesnt mean dat it does not exist.....hell is true ...it is a place made by allah to punish those who trangressed bonds and did wrong and unacceptable thingzz in dis world...it is for the ignorant....so pls wake up and dont call dis form of worship opression...!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    as muslims we understand that non muslims always seek worldly pleasure...
    the day of judgement could be this friday...

    to Allah we belong and to him is our return...

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. kasuladev.asish kumar dora says:

    Here the above cartoon picture tells u the earth is heaven.Here everything we get are gods gift.We
    should worship the god as our tradition

  10. Anonymous says:

    it is for the negative commenters am writing..first of all do you all know where you come from???and what is the purpose of your living???and where you ll go after your death???? think over it nd write the comments....there should some sense of opposing anything in this world...islam is the religion for true believers in allah nd the prophet(saw)...there is a lot of evidences for each and every saying in the quran..you cannot oppose it as you think...first learn to think about all the things around you...its especially for emilley that our body or skin doesnot have any harm insted so beautifull thats why ALLAH the almighty ordered us to cover our body to protect us from all the evil around us...and there is nothing to say poor in it..and do one thing please lat me know that where do youi come from and who created you and who is helping you?????????and i will surely let you know what the hell is...
    may the allah the most merciful and forgiver shower his forgiveness and mercy upon you all...

  11. Anonymous says:

    women rather be slave to allah than a man !!!

    thanks to allah for the good mind :)


  12. Aarifah says:

    @ Emily how stupid and ignorant can you be...sorry i understand you are not a Muslim but maybe yo will understand this Think of a woman as a diamond if you had one you would lock it in a safe and you wouldn't want it to get scratched or stolen so you would cover it in lots of cloth so no one could steal it and it wouldn't get ruined because its priceless just like Muslim women Emily please reply!

  13. Anonymous says:

    if someone want to comment on hijab let him answer Incase mother marry wearing short or exposing skin how do you answer that. freedom of religion or racism on religion.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Alhamdulillahi for being muslims. muslim sisters are gold, highly valued and respected, cherished more than a diamond, a life time asset in invested on. mothers of the wonderful and most decents people in the world- please my sisters in islam, respect the hijab, cherish and value the hijab, cos u re the pearl of Islam

  15. Sarah says:

    guys calm down. muslims rock forever! that's my motto. and if you dont beleive in hell you damn better. be muslims. think about it. try it at least.

    note for muslims:

    and plz plz plz wear the hijab. im 10 years old and i wear the hijab and im totally proud of myself. who cares whats beatiful anyway? be beautiful in the eyes of Allah not the eyes of other people.

  16. Anonymous says:

    ALLAHU AKBAR ~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am a 13yr old girl and masha'allah, Islam is my life, My choice and my happiness. I wore the Hijab since I was 8 because it is perfection. If you live where I live, Alum Rock- Although nearly the worst place to live- and wear the Hijab, boys know better than to harass you on the streets. In fact, if you wear the hijab, you are most likely to be helped out with your shopping, asking for direction etc etc. As an example, I was walking home from school in my uniform(scarf, shalwar kameez and blazer) when a gang of male teenagers passed me, alhumdullilah they left me alone, it was only later that I realised that behind me walking was another girl from my school who was wearing her hair loosely. And guess what, the gang of boys started shouting things at her. Im not saying that you must wear a hijab, but how can you be muslim if you dont... Are you muslim by word or by heart?

  18. Anonymous says:

    So, its the fear the mean reason you wearing that?... Scary.

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